I've hit it. Twenty-One. Legal worldwide and ironically, for the first time since I've been drinking alcohol from sneaking palm-bays past my mom at 16... I got wasted and puked my guts out! (Sorry, Mom). None of that is the point of this post though. The point is, I am twenty-one and I can honestly… Continue reading Twenty-Fun


Seize Opportunities

As my very dad of a Dad says, "Don't just see it. Seize it."  Which by the way Dad, that's basically the same meaning as Nike's "Just Do It." I grew up in a very cautious environment. I did not grow up with helicopter parents by any means, but they both prefer to live on the...… Continue reading Seize Opportunities

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Dear 2019,

I need to make some changes in my life as I have felt just a tad stuck in the same un-successful habits, and what better way to start but with the new year? PLAN. I tend to get too caught up in making time for just about everything and everyone, and then I rarely have… Continue reading Dear 2019,

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“The One With all the U-Turns”

My second year of University is over, and I am halfway to the finish line. I try to look back over the year and reflect on what it has taught me and what I have gained from the experiences. This year, the one aspect that stands out to me the most is my group of… Continue reading “The One With all the U-Turns”