Moving On

I made a new site just to organize and separate my work, so if you're interested, check it out: http://www.sydneysoverture.wordpress.com and if not that's totally okay too.

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“The One With all the U-Turns”

My second year of University is over, and I am halfway to the finish line. I try to look back over the year and reflect on what it has taught me and what I have gained from the experiences. This year, the one aspect that stands out to me the most is my group of… Continue reading “The One With all the U-Turns”


How to love yourself while wanting to change your body!

So now that there is the number of calories beside most foods you purchase, people are (of course) blowing up because of this. I understand, I honestly do. If you've struggled with eating disorders, body image, and have beat your body up over not attaining a certain number of calories, I can understand how having… Continue reading How to love yourself while wanting to change your body!


Millennials’ and artificial happiness.

“Except job satisfaction and strength of relationships. There ain’t no app for that. There is slow, meandering, uncomfortable, messy processes.”--Simon Sinek I am part of a very accepting, diverse, opinionated, independent, and adventurous generation. I am also part of a self-interested, impatient, and entitled generation. I am and have been most of those traits, good… Continue reading Millennials’ and artificial happiness.